365 – About the project

In January 2013 the Norwegian artists Kristin Romberg and Ingrid A. Tronstad started this blog and project. Every day, regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we impose on ourselves to create and post pocket size (6 x 9 cm) art pieces to our blog – daily, like a diary.

The outcome is unknown – all we know is that in the end we will have a giant puzzle of pieces of art. Our purpose is to challenge and inspire ourselves and others, and to exhibit the end result somewhere.

We are curious as to what each year has to offer, and where this tiny daily art project will take us.

3 Responses to About

  1. Debra Bullington says:

    I just read your post to Jon Wessel. He and I attended the same high school at the same time. I want to see your daily art but am not sure how to access it. From what I CAN see it looks fabulous!

    • Hi! Thanks for your interest and note. I am sorry, but the user experience is not the best on our blog. We did not quite think that through at the outset of this project. However, we both have posted a miniature painting each for the past 2566 days. They are all on the blog. Kind regards, Ingrid

    • My colleague Kristin Romberg posts hers on instagram everyday as well. I have only been doing that occasionally. Please feel free to follow me on instagram as well: ingrid.tronstad

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